In A Time of Plague – The Lord is Spreading the Gospel

Dave McCarthy


Prayer works! Like many church leaders at the beginning of the pandemic, I was struggling to cope with the changed circumstances. Easter plans were cancelled and we had to quickly move to online worship and contact. Frankly, it was depressing. As I thought and prayed about it all, it seemed right to ask the Lord to be at work, even though I might not be able to see how. I felt it particularly important to pray that the Lord would be at work in the lives of young people through these difficult days. So I began to pray….. A few months into the restrictions, I heard from a parent of a young man in our congregation. The teenager wanted to have a conversation with me. A few days later we went for a socially distanced chat near the iconic Forth bridges. It turned out, that at the beginning of the lockdown, he had chosen not to spend his time binge-watching boxsets or playing computer games. Instead, he had read the Bible, listened to sermons and asked questions about the Christian faith. But he recognised that much orthodox Christian teaching is counter-cultural and that there is a cost to following Jesus. However, in the end, he decided to be a follower of Jesus. My prayer had been answered! My prayers continue. I pray that this young man will continue to grow as a disciple and that we hear of many such stories of new-found faith in the months to come.


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