Commissioning Service for ACE Passing the Baton

Philip de Grey-Warter


Archbishop Foley Beach as Chairman of the Gafcon Primates Council formally inaugurated the Anglican Convocation in Europe (ACE) in a Zoom event on 22nd February 2021 with participants from across the continent and around the world. ACE is one of two convocations that are part of the Anglican Network in Europe overseen by Bishop Andy Lines under the auspices of Gafcon.

After commissioning and praying for the convocation, Archbishop Foley commended all those involved in its formation: “What an adventure this has been, but we rejoice and we praise the Lord for his goodness and his faithfulness, and we give thanks for you, for your faithfulness, not only Bishop Andy but all the members of this convocation.”  

ACE seeks to provide a home for historic, orthodox, biblical, confessional Anglicans in Europe united with gospel generosity under the Jerusalem Declaration, and Archbishop Foley commended the stand the founding congregations have taken: “You have stood for the gospel, for the word of God, for the truth of the gospel and you have not compromised. That is so important and so important in the time in which we live.”

But in addition to providing a home, Archbishop Foley also reminded those listening of the primary task to make disciples, proclaiming Christ faithfully to the nations of Europe: “Now the challenge is before you and that is that Europe… needs to be re-evangelised. And hopefully [ACE] will be a spark and a seed to do just that – to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to every boy and girl, every man and woman in Europe. I look to seeing what God is going to do, even in our lifetime through this new [Convocation]. God bless you!”

A number of the founding congregations had previously found a temporary Anglican home within the Missionary District provided by the Anglican Church in North America through the Anglican Network in Canada. The ANiC Bishop, Charlie Masters, spoke of the joy of that relationship as he marked the passing on the baton of oversight. Opening God’s word, he then highlighted the greater need of faithfully passing on the good news of ‘the promise of life that is in Christ Jesus.’ (2 Timothy 1v1): “The gospel has been made to be passed on. It has always been that way;” and he encouraged the Convocation that they were fully equipped for the task: “In the gospel we have a glorious message which is all we need for a needy world… Every person needs it and it works in every case. Hallelujah! You’ve got all you need in the gospel!”


Abp Foley Beach

Commissioning of the Convocation by Chairman of the Gafcon Primates’ Council. Abp Foley Beach

Bishop Charlie Masters

Sermon preached by Bishop Charlie Masters of the Anglican Network in Canada.

Abp Peter Jensen

Greetings from the global Gafcon family.


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