Help needed for a new church on the Angle Peninsula
Bishop Andy Lines

Bishop Andy Lines


Your help is needed for an urgent Gospel need on the Angle Peninsula, Pembrokeshire.

Following the recent change in the doctrine of the prayer book of the Church in Wales, Rev Josh Maynard handed in his resignation to the Church in Wales and is currently working out his notice. Josh and his family – his wife Rachel and three children – will be moving out of the vicarage in January.

A group of fifteen people from the ‘Angle Peninsula Churches’ where Josh is serving is also leaving, and they have been meeting weekly with Josh and Rachel to worship together and to plan for the future.

Josh and Rachel feel called to stay on the Angle Peninsula, and along with the core group, plant a new church – Wellspring Anglican Church – under ACE.

Check out this video to hear more about Josh’s vision.

Read the vision statement for Wellspring Church.

Listen to Josh explain his decision to leave the Church in Wales.

Josh and Rachel, and the embryionic Wellspring Church, need your support. Will you partner with them financially and in prayer?

To get in touch, please email


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