Gafcon Sunday 2021 – 27 June


Gafcon Sunday is an opportunity to celebrate the Gafcon movement and what it offers in terms of security, fellowship and vision:

Security. Gafcon has proved to be the main guardian for the apostolic faith within the Anglican Communion. The Gafcon leaders have courageously and wisely stood firm for biblical truth many times when other leaders have compromised with false teaching, especially in Western nations. The Jerusalem Declaration is an expression of the core elements of what it means to be faithful, while giving latitude for rich diversity in non-essentials.

Fellowship. To those Anglicans concerned about the drift from biblical foundations in their denomination, the message of Gafcon is: “You are not alone; you have a home.” Church is so much wider than just a local fellowship, which supports “mission” in other nations. Gafcon offers a tangible link to other Anglicans as a worldwide family, our brothers and sisters, to whom we give and from whom we receive, from every nation, tribe and tongue.

Vision. “We will proclaim Christ faithfully to the nations” was the refrain which rang out at the last major Gafcon gathering in Jerusalem in 2018. The ten networks, the website, the work of local branches and other initiatives are part of this Great Commission. Let’s participate through prayer, being more informed, and sharing our resources! Can your church use this Sunday to raise awareness of Gafcon and pledge a financial gift for the movement?


Why is Gafcon so important?

Hear from faithful Anglicans around the world…

Bishop Stephen Wood, South Carolina U.S.A.

Revd. Paul Myint, Myanmar

Mel Strijbis, New Zealand

Revd. Jodie McNeil, Australia

Dr Kedrace Turyagenda, Uganda

Ruth Bridcut, Ireland

Frances Cook, Chile



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